12 Reasons To Choose Evergreen

Why choose Evergreen Leadership Academy for your child?

A One-of-a-Kind Academic Program Based On A Trusted Background and Experience.

By distilling key elements of the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum, our program offers our students a significant amount of daily time for self-directed learning.

Our students are highly motivated and positively encouraged to focus intensely during compulsory classes, and rewarded tangibly for their efforts.

Levels Instead of Grades Means Potential Early Advancement

We use levels instead of grades to advance students academically from age 4 to 14.  Students do not need to wait until the end of the school year to advance to a higher level. They advance when they are ready.

A badge system is used to track each student’s progress and offer a summary of the skills and knowledge acquired as level requirements are completed.  We do not give out seasonal report cards.  Instead, we offer an ongoing reporting system, which allows parents, students, and teachers a clear and objective view of progress as it happens.

A Well-Rounded Education

French is taught to Evergreen students daily.

Science, Mathematics, and Technology are taught through a single class, under the title STEM.  This cross curricular approach to teaching strongly linked technical disciplines is growing in popularity, under national mandates.  Through different building projects and inspiring hands on classes, we breathe life into STEM education and offer our students a more meaningful and memorable learning experience.

Daily Social Science classes further explore Mathematics and Science concepts while exploring History, Geography, Economics, Civics, Psychology, and other branches of Social Science.

Extended Learning Through Workshops & Elective Classes

In addition to the knowledge required for High School, our students will know how to use calipers, will learn about basic joinery, will understand how circuits are made, and will be familiar with basic 3D modelling software.  Their knowledge and skill will extend far beyond the basic material included in a typical elementary school curriculum, and at a pace they feel comfortable with.

We offer a wide range of elective classes and workshops including dance, music, cooking, building, gardening, design, art, and more.

An Empowered Student Body

Our students are our partners.  They are responsible and appreciative.  They help us in our daily goals.  They help us refine our curriculum and improve lessons for future students.  They are stakeholders in each other’s success and the healthy development of our school.  They help us break ground in efficient concentrated learning and youth empowerment. Our students know that their time is their own. Considerable emphasis is placed on the value of time and with this knowledge students take responsibility for how they spend their time and focus.

School and Camp Under One Roof.  

  1. Our daily program hours are from 7am to 6:30pm, including complimentary before and after school programming.
  2. PA Day Camp included for all full time students
  3. Discounted Winter & March Camp
  4. Discounted Summer Camp

Daily Meditation Practice, Mindfulness Training, and Emotional Awareness For All Ages

In an effort to improve focus and general well being, daily meditation practice will be offered to all students and teachers.  Encouraging emotional awareness and sharing our feelings in a group setting will help bring our community together and build self awareness and confidence in each of us.

Focus On Nutrition and Food Knowledge

We’ve always considered food and nutrition to be the pillar on which all our other efforts rest on.  We believe that if you want to analyze the strength of a school, look at their menu.  The care and effort that goes into consistently making improvements to our already highly regarded menu is a strong metric of our approach to fostering a school community.

Team Building & Leadership Training

Throughout the school year, our focus on leadership and the power of teamwork is infused into nearly every aspect of our daily routine.  The first two weeks of school are set aside for leadership training and for preparing students for their learning journey.  We organize team building activities, go on field trips, and help students plan their school year.  Before a single lesson is taught, we want our students to feel they are a part of something special, and we want them to believe that they have an important voice in what they learn.

Equipment & Resources

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been investing in equipment and resources in preparation for a school. Our list of learning material, sensory equipment, sports equipment, art equipment, and plenty of recreational equipment is extensive.  We have turned field trips into an art and have become specialist in leveraging our equipment to offer unique and exciting activities.

Affordable Tuition Prices

As a result of the successful growth of Dreams Discovery Centre, we are fortunate to grow our school comfortably and with minimal concern of early stage profitability.  Many of the expenses most private schools have to absorb are not a concern for us.  We can afford to discount heavily for the first registrants.  In the long run, we can achieve profitability, while keeping our tuition fees below our competition, while offering more.  Considering the level of service and quality of care, our parents will receive incredible value at an affordable price.

Exceptionally Caring and Knowledgable Staff

We have put together an outstanding team of caring and ambitious teachers, who all believe in our vision for growing our school and empowering our students.  We have proven our ability to build an exceptional team year after year.  This is evident in our low employee turnover, the increasing competition for positions, and the appreciation our staff feel for being a part of something meaningful and unique.

Personalized Approach To Teaching

It is typical for private schools to recognize the different abilities of children and plan, to varying degrees, their studies around each child’s unique situation.  We take personalization one step further by offering a program that naturally shapes to the uniqueness of each student, with emphasis largely placed on each student personalizing her own learning journey, while our teachers act to support and guide her decisions.