About Our Journey

Evergreen Leadership Academy is an Elementary level private school for children 4 to 14 years of age (Ministry registration number 881785).

We began our journey in 2010 and since have established ourselves as a leading centre, inspiring children through our innovative academic and recreational programs.

Through the years we have been accumulating resources, gaining valuable experience, growing our positive reputation, building an incredible team, planning our school program, and preparing our facility.

We are now poised to leverage our success and establish a powerful school program, with the ultimate goal of growing into a new building. We hope to set an example of what can be accomplished when a business focuses intensely on reinvestment, staff unity, and exceptional service, at the expense of marketing, speedy growth, and even profit.

We view Dreams Discovery Centre as the first step to further grow our reputation and showcase the incredible potential of our unique school program.

We believe that a revolution in how our children spend their time in pursuit of achievement and success is coming!  Schools like Evergreen will continue to shift the education paradigm in favour of self directed learning, greater emphasis on divergent thinking, and a more collaborative approach to curriculum development.

With time, we will move to a larger location that can accommodate a full K – 12 school. By demonstrating an empowered student body that is able to learn material more efficiently and with greater mastery, we look forward to influence the education landscape far beyond the limits of our own school and to impact education in Ontario.