Food is something we have become very experienced with here at Dreams.  With a professionally equipped kitchen and an existing menu that keeps improving year after year, we are confident that the meals we prepare for our students will exceed our parent’s expectations.  We embrace the responsibility of feeding children 3 meals a day with enthusiasm and creativity. In the past year, we have employed a dedicated chef to prepare home made meals for our students and campers, and we are excited to continue the service for our school.

We do our best to purchase local ingredients from Ontario and focus more on the look, smell, and taste of the ingredients than on labels.  We view the words organic, natural, real, and so on as buzz words used by marketing teams.  Organic doesn’t necessarily mean better quality or less toxic, but if we decide the organic version is better quality, we will choose it.

The ideal scenario is to grow your own.  Although this may seem like an unrealistic option, there is no harm in trying to include some herbs and veggies in our menu.  This is, in fact, what we’ve been doing for a while now.  Our emphasis on having students grow herbs and vegetables offers them an incredible learning experience and provides a small amount of truly local ingredients for our menu.