Message From The Head of Evergreen Leadership Academy

A One-of-a-Kind Academic Program Based On A Trusted Background and Experience.

Welcome parents,

With my over 20 years of experience in this field, I can honestly say that the current model of education is not only falling short, but in many cases is detrimental to the mental and psychological development of our children.

As a teacher, my passion for bringing a topic to life in creative ways was complimented by my ability to connect to and impact a child’s confidence and relationship with learning. Through the years, my aptitude for influencing the way children think and feel has become increasingly honed, and like most people who dedicate their lives to a calling, I still have much to learn.

The experiences that shape our children’s development are too important for us to be satisfied with “good enough”.  I want so much more for my own child, and I see Evergreen as an outlet to grow a community of parents that share in a vision of a more meaningful and rich school experience.

More and more schools and after-school programs are following national mandates to incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education into professional development and classroom instruction.  At the same time, top educators are recognizing the importance of creative play-based learning.

Advancements in educational research are revealing a clear message to parents and teachers; if we want our children to care about their education, we have to find ways of making them feel invested and in control of their learning.

At Evergreen Leadership Academy, we are breaking down the barriers to more efficient learning, by empowering our entire school community and offering the greatest opportunity for individual growth and group achievement. We’ve proven over the years that there is nothing average about anything we do, as we have built our business almost entirely on word of mouth.

If you believe in your child’s incredible potential and feel they need a stronger voice in how they spend their time, schedule an Information Session or Apply Now.

With best wishes,

Simon Wolfson